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Metal Binder Clips Black 15MM (4Pcs)

89.68 (Including GST)

76.00 ( + 13.68 GST)


  • Magnetic: No.
  • Type: Binder Clips.
  • Transport Package: 4 PC/Package.

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Metal Binder Clips Black 15MM feature an efficient triangular design which provides a grip of unsurpassed strength and optimum compression, yet releases easily. They are useful in firmly holding the Glass plate of your 3D printer.

This firm, uniform grip virtually eliminates slipping, even at maximum capacity. Tempered steel construction provides an extra strong hold. Ideal for reuse, clips spring back into shape when removed.

The organization can be instrumental if one has to stay on top of their game at work or any kind of field. Often we have a hard time keeping our papers and documents together. These 32mm clips can be of great help and are frequently used in school, offices, banks, shops and are an essential stationary item.

Not only are they rust proof and durable but are compact and easy to carry around.

Features :

  1. Sturdy and durable
  2. Compact in size
  3. Stainless steel structure
  4. Smooth finish


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