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M2 8mm SS Screws (25 Pcs)

64.90 (Including GST)

55.00 ( + 9.90 GST)


  1. Type: M2 (2.0mm Diameter)
  2. Material: Stainless Steel
  3. Bolt Length: 8mm
  4. Bolt Head Style: Countersunk Head
  5. Pack Quantity: 25 sets.


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SS 304 CSK Countersunk Philips Head Bolt is popular machine screw with a Phillips drive. The countersunk head is typically used in conjunction with a countersunk hole providing a flush, sag-free fit. These bolts are always fully threaded.

SS 304 CSK bolts mostly used in robot chassis and body fitting. They are also found on consumer electronics and other small machinery where high torque fasteners are not necessary. These Bolts are made up of Stainless steel material which offers high tensile strength and excellent corrosion protection which is the pivotal property of Stainless steel. An alternative for using them without nuts is to install them directly into a compatible female threaded hole on an application.


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