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L78M05CV (L7805CV) TO-220 Linear Voltage Regulator (Pack of 2 ICs)

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  1. Fixed output voltage is 5V
  2. Output current is 0.5A
  3. Dropout voltage is 2V
  4. Maximum DC input voltage is 35V
  5. Output transition SOA protection
  6. Output voltage tolerance is 4%

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The L78M05CV is a fixed output, three-terminal precision positive voltage regulator in 3 pins TO-220 package. This regulator can provide local on-card regulation by eliminating distribution problems associated with single-point regulation. The L78M05CV fixed voltage regulator is designed with thermal overload protection that shuts down the circuit when subjected to an excessive power overload condition, internal short circuit protection that limits the maximum current the circuit will pass, and output transistor safe area compensation that reduces the output short circuit as the voltage across the pass transistor is increased. If adequate heat sinking is provided then this positive voltage regulator can deliver over 0.5A output current.

Package Includes:

1 x L78M05CV (L7805CV) TO-220 Linear Voltage Regulator (Pack of 3 ICs)


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