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HX1838 VS1838 NEC Infrared IR Remote Control Sensor Module For arduino

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  1. Crystal: the oscillation frequency of 455
  2. Encoding: the encoding format of the NEC, upd6122 encoding scheme, the user code 00FF, key coding below
  3. Button: free height is less than 3mm, the force 200-350g, the life of more than 200 000
  4. Photo-detector and preamplifier in one package
  5. Internal filter for PCM frequency
  6. Improved shielding against EMI

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The sensor uses HX1838, with high sensitivity and Operating voltage 5V. Output form Digital output. VCC: 3.3V-5V external voltage (can be directly connected to the 5v micro-controller and 3.3v microcontroller).Kit theory test distance of about 5-8 meters, but the practical application depends on the ambient factors you use, as well as the middle barrier (such as the diaphragm, glass, obstructions or other material blocking), Receiving head with HX1838 with power work instructions lights, receive 38K frequency any remote coding data. This is new ultra-thin 38K universal infrared IR remote control, NEC encoding format 1-21-key remote control, USB port stereo, car MP3, foot bath, lighting, digital photo frame, microcontroller development board, learning board, etc.


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