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Horizontal Type Mechanical Limit Switch Module with Cable

99.00 (Including GST)

83.90 ( + 15.10 GST)


  1. Cable Length : 1 m
  2. Triggering Indicatrol Light : Support
  3. Length (mm) : 20
  4. Width (mm) : 20
  5. Height (mm) : 5
  6. Weight (gm) : 2

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This is the mini-module with a limit switch . The board features a small form factor so that it can be mounted on the 3D printers. The module comes with a 1M long high-quality silicone cable which can be connected to the controller and the limit switch with the help of connectors.


  1. Light touching type lead limit switch for 3D printer.
  2. Triggering indicator light lets you control the real-time condition of printing.
  3. Built-in 1m cable gives more convenience.
  4. Supports plug and play. Easy and convenient to install.

Package Includes:

1 x Horizontal Type Mechanical Limit Switch Module with Cable


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