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Hand Rivet Gun – Industrial Grade

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  • POP Rivet Gun
  • Industrial Grade
  • Model No: SEW702-2

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rivet gun, also known as a rivet hammer or a pneumatic hammer, is a type of tool used to drive rivets. The rivet gun is used on rivet’s factory head (the head present before riveting takes place), and a bucking bar is used to support the tail of the rivet. The energy from the hammer in the rivet gun drives the work and the rivet against the bucking bar.

As a result, the tail of the rivet is compressed and work-hardened. At the same time the work is tightly drawn together and retained between the rivet head and the flattened tail (now called the shop head, or buck-tail, to distinguish it from the factory head).

Blind rivets, also commonly referred to as POP Rivets, are mainly used in applications where there is no access to the rear (blind side) of the joint. … To use a blind rivet, a hole is drilled then the rivet is seated inside of the hole. Then a tool pulls the mandrel against the hat of the rivet.



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