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ESP8266 ESP-01 5V WiFi Relay Module

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  1. Transmission Distance (m) : 400
  2. Trigger Voltage (VDC) : 5
  3. Switching Voltage (VAC) : 250@10A
  4. Switching Voltage (VDC) : 30@10A
  5. Relay : 5V (10A/250V AC, 10A/30V DC)
  6. Baud Rate : 9600
  7. Length (mm) : 36
  8. Width (mm) : 29
  9. Height (mm) : 17
  10. Weight (gm) : 17

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This intelligent relay module is independently designed and produced by IOTMCU studio. It is designed based on ESP-01 / 01S WIFI module and can be used for DIY own intelligent switch. It can provide APP and LUA source programs via mobile APP remote control. Ready to use, simple and convenient.

General Info :
  1.  Onboard ESP8266 WIFI module, AP mode can be connected at the same time 5 client
  2. The module has two ways to work:
    (i) mobile phone directly mounted on the WIFI module;
    (ii) mobile phone and WIFI module also carried on the router.
Transmission distance:
  1. In an open environment, the mobile phone mounted on the WIFI module when the maximum transmission distance of 400m.
  2. When the WiFI module and mobile phone at the same time carried on the router when the transmission distance according to the router’s signal weakly

Features :

  1. Onboard Module: ESP8266 wifi module; in AP mode it can connect with 5 Clients at the same time
  2. Operating Way: cellphone carried on wifi module; cellphone and wifi module carried on the same router, and use the APP to control relay
  3. Diode effusion protection;
  4. Short response time.

Package Includes:

1 x ESP8266 ESP-01 5V WiFi Relay Module


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