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Digital Throttle with Key for Ebike

737.50 (Including GST)

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  • Working Voltage: Throttle(DC) 1V to 4.2V, Battery Level Indicator 12V to 84V
  • Throttle for all E-bikes/Bicycles
  • Fit for 22.2mm diameter handle
  • Shows battery voltage up to 0-100V
  • ON/OFF Key Switch Feature

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E-bikes generally combine both pedal-assist sensors as well as a throttle. Some e-bikes have an electric motor that operates on a power-on-demand basis only. In this case, the electric motor is engaged and operated manually using a throttle, which is usually on the handgrip just like the ones on a motorbike or scooter.

This digital throttle comes with a key lock to ensure locking security for your ebike. This throttle is suitable for lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, water batteries, and dry batteries. Regardless of various types of electric vehicles(12V to 99V universal), all can be automatically identified with real-time display feature of the throttle. This eliminates the analog power display(several small lights). It can accurately determine the remaining power and mileage too. You can also determine the electric vehicle failure with half the effort through the voltage figures. Applications of this product are in Ebikes, Scooters, Motorcycles, ATVs, Tricycle, Rickshaw, 3 & 4 wheeled carts, and all general kinds of electric mobility vehicles.


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