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Specifications :

  1. Protection: Overload protection, locked-rotor protection, over-current protection.
  2. Analog voltage speed regulation: 0-5V
  3. Peak current: 20A.
  4. Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85℃
  5. Drive power: ≤ 500W (related working voltage).
  6. Size: 62 x 42.5 x 17 mm.
  7. Weight: 26 gm.
  8. Speed control function: voltage speed regulation or single chip.
  9. microcomputer control PWM speed regulation.

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This Brushless Motor Controller DC 12-36V 500W PWM Driver Board is used for the 3-phase brushless sensorless motor, but not suit for all 3-phase brushless sensorless motors directly. If the driving effect is not good (such as starting jitter, reversing, the motor no-load working current is too large, the speed is not stable, the efficiency is low, and can’t start-up with a load.) Customers can adjust the resistance and capacitance of the driver board according to the actual situation to achieve the best driving effect.

Pin Connection :

5V -Driver board internal output voltage
Signal – Motor speed pulse signal output port, 5V pulse signal.

Control port: 

Z/F– Rotating direction control ports. Connect “5V” high level or no connect is Forward direction, connect 0 V low level or connect to GND is a reverse direction.
VR -Speed control port. Analog voltage linear speed regulation 0.1v -5V, The input resistance is 20K Ohm, connect with GND when input PWM speed regulation, PWM frequency:1-20KHZ; Duty cycle 0-100%
GND—Used for Drive board internal control.

Power port : 

MA —-motor phase A
MB —- motor phase B
MC—- motor phase C
3. Use shielded wires if the drivers’ board has more than 50 cm distance from the motor, otherwise, it may lead to abnormal driving, affecting the normal use.
4.Control port distance: 2.54mm,Power port distance:3.96 mm
5. Pay attention to the insulation between the driver MOSFET and the heatsink or the installation plate.
Application notes:
  1. Confirm that the voltage and power parameters of the motor do not exceed the range of the driver board as specified.
  2. The JYQD-V6.3E2 driver board is a bare board without housing and heatsink. If the power of the motor below 60W, it does not need to add heatsink, It only needs to ensure normal ventilation and wall insulation. If the power of the motor more than 100W, it must add heatsink.
  3. Please take note that JYQD-V6.3E2 driver board has no anti-reverse connection protection, it will permanently damage the driver board if reversed polarity connection.
  4. The 5V output port on the driver board prohibits connect an external device. It is only applicable to the external potentiometer and switch of the board for speed regulation and reversal.
  5. The “Signal” terminal on the JYQD-V6.3E2 driver board is the motor speed pulse output signal (push-pull output), and the maximum output current is less than 5mA.

Package Includes :

1 x Brushless Motor Controller DC 12-36V 500W PWM Driver Board.


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