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DB25-M2 DB25 to Terminal with Nut

249.00 (Including GST)

211.02 ( + 37.98 GST)

Specifications :

  1. Material:Copper,Metal,Plastic.
  2. Color: Green and Black.
  3. Connect Type: Screw Nut.
  4. The terminals can accept 24-12AWG wire and max 10A current.

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DB25-M2 DB25 to Terminal with Nut Adapter used for communication debug. With 25 pcs signal line was all lead out, name and number clearly labeled;
The terminal spacing of connector is 3MM, screw hole diameter 2.5MM, need to use a width of 2.5MM screwdriver for assembly, terminals can accept 24-12AWG Wire and max 10A current. The connector uses the environmental friendly copper terminals. it also has an insulated 3 mm thickness pad at the bottom.

Package Includes:

1 x DB25-M2 DB25 to Terminal with Nut.


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