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Crimping Tool

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  • Brand RS Pro
  • Crimp Connector Type Insulated Terminal
  • Crimp Tool Type Plier
  • Overall Length 206 mm
  • Country of Origin TW

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RS Pro offers a 4 in 1 application crimp tool, a quality hand tool for crimping, wire stripping, cutting bolts and ignition terminals. This hand tool will not only save you time but your work will be presented in a professional manner which makes it the ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiast. The crimp application of the tool is simple it connects 2 pieces of material together by compression typically a wire and a connector terminal. The wire stripper application is a joy to use, just slip the wire through the appropriate channel, squeeze and slide the outer sheath off to expose the wire. A great feature of this crimp tool is the capacity to make your own ignition cables like (motorbike as an example), again it’s simply case of preparing the wire, attaching the terminal and squeezing to make the union. And finally a bolt cutter, this application is sometimes overlooked but if you need to trim a bolt simply screw the bolt into the hole and squeeze handle for a precise cut.
So, the RS pro crimp tool has multiple uses and gives you professional results each time, an excellent addition to any toolbox.


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