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CNC Three Axis Stepper Motor Drive Controller Motherboard compatible with Arduino

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Features :

1 axis stepper motor driver
2.Compatible with micro-drive laser engraving machine, three-axis CNC engraving machine.
3.2A can be controlled within the two-phase four-wire stepper motor.
4.Released the digital IO interface, easy to connect to other modules, such as ENDSTOP.
5.Released the I2C interface, you can connect to the LCD I2C or other I2C module.
6.power DC5v interface, 7.5-12V voltage input.
7.GRBL compatible
8.worked with arduino nano.

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This is CNC Three Axis Stepper Motor Drive Controller Motherboard compatible with Arduino Nano Shield For 3D Printers.

The board features provision for onboard mounting of Nano Arduino Board and two A4988 driver Stepper Motor Driver Modules. This shield is used to power and control stepper motors using A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module.

The board has 12V DC power jack which provides supply to the motors. This CNC Three Axis Stepper Motor Drive Electronic Control Panel W/ Nano Arduino Shield For 3D Printer Supports adjusting Laser Power; Weak light function, Optical coupling isolation, Anti-jamming. Support for high power laser, Miniature master software support, The latest CNC firmware, Gold plated pins, Limit switch, Motor subdivision, External relay and so on.


Additional information

AxisXYZ Three Axis
Input Supply Voltage (VDC)12
Stepper Motor Power2 A (Max)
Laser Power100mW to 5W
Pitch Size (mm)11257
Length (mm)120
Width (mm)65
Weight (gm)58

Datasheet available here.


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