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BNC Female Connector Plug

41.30 (Including GST)

35.00 ( + 6.30 GST)

Specifications :

  1. Connector Type : BNC
  2. Gender : Female
  3. Application : CCTV

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BNC Female Connector to terminal :

No electrical tape, no splicing, no crimping, only a small screw driver.
The perfect connector for any install. If your tired of messing with crimp on connectors, or don’t have the special tools needed for compression connectors, our connector is the perfect answer!
This connector will save you time and the headache of having to redo your BNC connections on and size install.

Quality metal bnc to AV Terminal connector allowing a camera or similar cable to be extended

Can be used on CCTV, DVR, DVR Cards Quads, Multiplexer, Switchers and anything else that has a BNC Input/Output.

Package Includes :

1 x BNC Female Connector Plug .


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