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8 Pin RMC 2.54mm Pitch Male-Female Connector ( pack of 2 )

47.20 (Including GST)

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  1. Number of Pins: 8
  2. Length: 30cm
  3. Cable size: 26AWG.
  4. Solid and durable.
  5. Safe and easy to install.
  6. RoHS compliant.
  7. 2510 connector type.

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Relimate connector also called as RMC is very widely used connectors in the electronic industry. They are very easy to connect as no screw driver or any hardware is required. It consists of a male connector which is soldered to the PCB & at the female part the wires are crimped which can be used to connect to your other part of the circuit. The wires attached to this connector looks like ribbon cable, but they are completely physically separated from each other.

This is a 8 Pin RMC 2.54mm Pitch Plug and Socket with Cable. It is a multipurpose cable. The length of the cable is 30cm and is a 26 gauge on the AWG scale.

  1. AC power supply to PCs and lab equipment.
  2. Used in all types of RCs( cars, boats, planes).
  3. Also used in CCTV connections, pick-ups, etc.

Package Includes:

1 x 8 Pin RMC 2.54mm Pitch Plug and Socket with Cable – 1Pcs.


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