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JST SM 8 Pin 2517/2518 Connector Male-Female (1 Pair)

51.92 (Including GST)

44.00 ( + 7.92 GST)


  1. 8 pin connector
  2. Cable length: 150mm
  3. Male-Female Pair
  4. 2.54mm pitch
  5. 22AWG Wire

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JST SM 8 Pin Plug Male and Female Connector Adapter with Electrical Cable Wire for LED Lights, LED strips. A pair of black/red JST 2.54mm style 8 pin male and female connectors with 150mm length wire.

These small connectors have many uses including interconnection between point motors and wiring making replacement of solenoid point motors easy, plus many more uses. They are easy to connect and disconnect and are secure once pushed together.

The wire is 22AWG and the pins are 2.54mm apart.


Note: Cable colors may vary.

Package includes:

1 x 8 Pin JST SM Connector Male-Female Pair


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