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6 A 250V 3 pin SPDT ON-OFF Rocker Switch- 2pcs

48.38 (Including GST)

41.00 ( + 7.38 GST)


  1. Positions Marked on the rocker: I-O-II for easy identification
  2. Long Switching Life: 50000-100000 cycles
  3. Easy installation, No Screws or Nuts required
  4. Used widely for On/Off power control, car, motorcycle, boat, some machines, water dispenser, etc.

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The 6A 250V SPST ON-OFF Rocker Switch is the simplest and easiest power control switch for your project. It comes with tabs on the top and bottom which secure it onto an enclosure without the need for any screws. On and Off positions are clearly marked which helps users identify the current switch position during usage.

This switch is great to turn on/off and control DC Motors in Robotics, Car and Motorcycle DC Motors, DC Motors in Industrial Machines, Water Dispensers, etc. We have sourced the best switch with a high load rating of 6A at 250VAC which should be suitable for most your applications.

  • Switching Mode: ON-OFF
  • Structure: SPDT


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