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36V 250W Hub Motor Electric Cycle Complete Kit (Without Battery)

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An electric bike kit — also known as an e-bike kit or e-bike conversion kit — is essentially an electric hub motor that can transform a regular bicycle into an e-bike. Typically, an e-bike kit consists of three key components:
Electric Wheel Motor — This contains the motor that propels your bike forward.
This includes the controller that regulates the energy going to all parts of your bike throttle components; and accessories like a speedometer. The components in an e-bike conversion kit are the same ones you’ll find on any electric bike out there, from the high-end models to budget bikes.

Here are some important aspects to pay attention to when shopping for an electric bike kit:
Hub Drive — This type of e-bike kit motor powers either the front or rear wheel of your bicycle. The motor is attached directly in the hub of the wheel.
Front Wheel vs. Rear Wheel — Front wheel e-bike conversion motors are great for acceleration and flat terrain. Meanwhile, rear wheel motors give you solid torque and better performance on off-road terrain and hills.
Mid Drive (aka Center Drive) — Aside from their lightweight design and discreet size, mid drive motors give your bike some great torque. This type of e-bike kit is great for climbing especially steep hills with ease.
Geared Hub — A geared hub consists of multiple rotating gears. These gears spin rapidly to power the motor while making the most of their energy consumption.
Geared motors are able to give you high levels of torque. On the flipside, though, top speeds aren’t very high.
Brushless Hub — A brushless hub doesn’t include gears but rather a stator and rotor. These components take your e-bike kit battery’s energy and use it to power magnets that spin the wheel.
Brushless hub motors are capable of high speeds. They’re also much quieter and longer-lasting than geared hubs. That said, while capable of decent distances, their range suffers in stop-and-go traffic situations.

Package Includes:

  • 1pc x 36V 250W Hub Motor
  • 1pc x Phase Extension Cable
  • 1pc x LED Headlamp with Key and Horn
  • 1pc x 36V 250W Controller
  • 1pc x 3 Speed Throttle
  • 1pc x Brake Set
  • 1pc x Remote Key With Reciever
  • 1pc x Horn, Indicator, Headlight Switch Control
  • 1pc x Spokes

Package Not Includes:

1 X 36V Battery pack (check our Battery Section)


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