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32650 3×1 Lithium Phosphet Battery Cell Spacer/Holder (Pack of 5)

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  1. Model: 32650 radiating battery spacer.
  2. Material: ABS/PC (Remarkable Flame Retardant Plastic).
  3. Dimension: 60 x 20 x 8 mm (LxWxH) (without lock slots).
  4. Combined them into many different sizes and shapes of the battery pack.
  5. Application: Design for Radiating Complex Battery Packs. Safe and Stable, Perfect Build for eBike!

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32650 3×1 Battery Cell Spacer/Holder a cylindrical battery spacer, made by flame retardant ABS+PC materials, with high-temperature resistance and crack resistance.

There are slots on the edge of the holder, can be combined into many different sizes and shapes of the battery pack; after welding nickel tabs, the pack can pass vibration test without any other connecting device. Making your battery pack Solid and Reliable!

This Battery Holder is compatible with our 32650 LIFO Batteries which you need to buy separately.


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