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CNC 2418 Engraving Carving Milling & Laser Machine DIY Kit Without Laser (Unassembled)

16,815.00 (Inc. GST)14,250.00 (+18% GST Extra)


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Frame Size: Approx. 330 x 340 x 240mm/12.99 x 13.39 x 9.45”
  • Working Area: Approx. 240 x 180 x 40mm/9.45 x 7.08 x 1.57”
  • Control Software: GRBL control
  • Spindle: 775 spindle motor(12-36V), 24V: 7000r/min, 36V: 9000r/min
  • Step Motor: 1.3A 0.25N.m
  • Power Supply: 24V 5.6A
  • Supported System: Windows XP/ Win 7/ Win 8/ Win 10/ Linux
  • Drill Bits Diameter: 3.175mm
  • Drill Bits Length: 30mm
  • Drill bits tip: 0.1mm

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This DIY desktop engraving machine is ideal for amateur engraving usage with grayscale printing,low-light positioning and freedom positioning functions.It only need you to connect it to the computer,then you can print any pictures your like with your own creativity.

Plastic body with a profile, small size, light weight, USB interface, GRBL control systems, learn to use the preferred entry. Either by inscribing, and can be carved with lasers.
The following software:
Control Software: GrblController(include).
Description: Some components and core components have been assembled, simply hand assembled according to the installation instructions, you can use the rack.
Usage : can be engraved plastic, wood, acrylic, pvc, pcb, wood or the like material.

Package Included:
1*Engraving machine (parts assembly).

Product Specifications:
Control software: GRBL control.
Construction:Aluminum + plastic.
Working area:160*100*40mm.
Frame size:260*240*220mm.
Spindle:775 spindle motor (12-36V) 24V: 7000r/min.
Step motor:1.3A 0.25N.m.
Wire rod:T8.
Power Supply:24V 5.6A (110V -240V).
Support System:Windows XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Linux.
Standard:The complete set of the parts and tools.
Engraving materials:Plastic, wood, acrylic, PVC, PCB and other soft materials.

Can be used to engrave plastic shapes and other 3D graphics.
Suitable for people like DIY.

Material:stainless steel and acrylic.
Size: 260 x 240 x 220mm.
Stroke: 160 x 105 x 30mm.
Screw: Professional T8 screw, lead 4mm, double copper nuts eliminating backlash.
Stepper motor: 12V, 1.3A, 2.1Ω, 0.25N.m.
Spindle: 12-36V 7000r / min.
Power: stepper motor (12V 3A), the spindle (24V 5A).
Countertops: 100X180mm.
Software: GRBL controller, usb port.
Support system: WIN7/8/10/XP, Linux.

Engraving Material Note –
1.can engraving materials:wood,bamboo,plastic,paper,leather,bank card,rubber.
2.can not engraving material:metal,stone,ceramic,shell,light-reflecting material, transparent material.

Cutting Material –
It can only cut foam,paper,thin leather material.

Download Instruction Manual 

1. Body with aluminum and plastic, small size, light weight, USB interface, GRBL control system,
learning, entry to use the preferred entry.
2. Can be carved plastic, wood, acrylic, pvc, pcb, on behalf of the wood and the like material.

Package Included:
1 x 3 Axis 2418 CNC Router Kit (unassembled)

Notice: The machine includes a full set of spare parts, it is installed by the buyers, the package includes a USB with a detailed user manual and free software.


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