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Auto Cutoff 24V 3A Lithium-ion Ebike Battery Charger (29V Full Charging)

1,732.50 (Including GST)

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  • Auto cut-off Voltage: 29V
  • Charge Current: 3A
  • Input Voltage: AC 230V
  • Battery Pack: Lithium Ion
  • High Quality Charger
  • Ebike, Electric cycle Battery  Charging Purpose

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This 29V 3A lithium ion battery pack charger is good quality and easy to use. Charger has Auto Cutoff facility when it reaches to full charge voltage. Electric bike / cycle generally consist of hub motor or chain drive type bldc or bush dc motor.

24V Battery Pack at Full charge condition reaches to approx. 29.2V. This charger having one Red and one Green LED indicators which allow user to monitor battery charging condition. Charger’s Green LED will glow once battery fully charged. User need to disconnect battery from charger once green led glows.

Charging Time in Hours =  (Total Battery Amp Rating / Charger Amp Ratings )

Consider 10 Amp Battery is attached to this charger:

Charging Time = 10 / 3 = 3.3 Hours

So 24V 10Amp Lithium ion Battery will take 3.3 Hours to fully charge this battery.



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