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Mangetic Reed Switch Sensor

100.30 (Including GST)

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  1. Small Module.
  2. Very easy to use.
  3. Glass Length:  14mm
  4. Glass Diameter:  2mm
  5. Total Length:  45mm
  6. Max. Switching Voltage: 300 VDC
  7. Min. Breakdown Voltage: 150 VDC
  8. Max. Contact Rating:  10W
  9. Max. Switching Current: 0.55 A
  10. Max. Operate time:  0.45 ms

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This is Reed Switch 2 x 14 mm Magnetic Control Switch with Normally Open Contact.When the device is exposed to a magnetic field, the two ferrous pins inside the switch pull together and the switch closes. When the magnetic field is removed, The Reed Switch separates and the switch opens. This makes for a great non-contact switch. This switch can carry up to 1.2A. This small and easy to use module can be used in variety of environmental conditions, it operates very reliably in the -50°C to +140°C temperature range.


    1. Small Module.
    2. Very easy to use.
    3. Direct connection in the circuit.


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