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220 Ohm 0.25W Metal Film Resistor (Pack of 50)

29.50 (Including GST)

25.00 ( + 4.50 GST)


  1. Resistance: 220 Ohm
  2. Tolerance: 1%
  3. Max. Working Voltage: 250V
  4. Temperature Coefficient of Resistance: 50PPM/°C

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It is a 220 Ohm 0.25W Metal Film Resistor. This resistor is for through-hole applications.

Metal film resistors have a thin metal layer as a resistive element on a non-conducting body. They are amongst the most common types of axial resistors. Other film type resistors are carbon film and thick and thin-film resistors. In most literature referrals to the metal film, usually, it is a cylindrical axial resistor. However, thin-film chip resistors use the same manufacturing principle for the metal layer. The appearance of metal film resistors is similar to carbon film resistors, but their properties for stability, accuracy, and reliability are considerably better.

Package Includes:

100 x 220 Ohm 0.25W Metal Film Resistor.


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