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13s 48V 60A Battery Protection Board with Connector

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  1. Continuous Discharging Current: 60A
  2. Charging Voltage: 54.6V
  3. Maximum Over-current Protection:170 A
  4. Balance Voltage with single-cell:4.2 V
  5. Overcharge detection voltage:4.25 V

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13S 48V 60A Li-ion Battery Protection Board is used for Overcharge protection, over-discharge protection function, short circuit protection function and over current protection function.

Note: The actual product may vary in terms of product sticker from the image shown on site.


  1. Serial connection protection for 13S cells, so you can use this BMS for lower voltage only change the wire connection ways, it makes you more conveniently and flexibly to use this BMS
  2. Extremely low quiescent power consumption, all of the power loss can not reach more than 30 u.
  3. With stable and full protection functions such as precise over-charge protection,over-discharge protection,over-current protection, and short-circuit protection
  4.  It will not affect the battery pack’s performance by using balance technology to balace the current stablely and heating distribution etc
  5.  The temperature can be vented well by using heating sink technology to protect the over-heating problem with the MOSFET, so the MOS FET’s life will be prolonged profoundly
Package Includes:
1 X 13s 48V 60A Battery Protection Board with connector
1 X Cable Wire


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