The 0.96″ SPI IPS LCD display Module is a Full-Color RGB LCD Display module of 0.96-inch size with 80×160 pixels. The display is powered by the ST7735 driver IC. This module can be used as a display for your electronic development projects. it uses SPI Communication Interface.

Pin Descriptions:

  • 1 GND Ground
  • 2 VCC Power 3.3V
  • 3 SCL Serial clock pin.
  • 4 SDA Serial data input
  • 5 RES LCM Reset pin- This pin is reset signal input. When the pin is low, the initialization of the chip is executed. Keep this pin pull high during normal operation.
  • 6 DC Data/Command Control
  • 7 CS Chip Select
  • 8 BLK Backlight control pin

Package includes:

1  x 0.96″ Inch IPS LCD RGB Display SPI Module 80×160 ST7735S Driver IC